Jason Eldridge Crossland Construction
Claremore, OK (Job #4727) with BNSF Railway

"We had our weekly construction meeting with BNSF and MultaTech yesterday and they spoke very highly of the work that your guys got done. Thanks for working so hard on this project. We appreciate the job that you guys did."

Lee Fintel
Nuckolls County, NE (Job # 4766)

“Being in a similar line of business, I know it’s far too often that you hear from the isolated customer with a complaint and nearly never from the multitudes that are satisfied with the service they’ve received—so I’ll be the oddball.”

Your crew did exactly what we had hoped—in and out the same day successfully and efficiently completing the crossing. Good stuff.

Better yet—they had the right equipment, the knowledge, the tenacity to push through on a 100 degree day—and they conducted themselves professionally and kept the worksite safe (and in compliance with the RR safety requirements). I was not able to be there in person, but heard nothing but praise for your men from those there representing me. I get the pleasure of saying “good job” and being a good reference. Thanks again—and tell your men thanks from Lee.”

Cy Ricker Public Works Superintendent
Augusta, KS (Job #4508)

"Your crew did an excellent job for us on the 60” pipe; please tell those guys the City appreciated their work and professionalism; they were respectful and the local contractor doing the tie-in also said they were a good bunch of guys."

Paul Rittenour Wexcon, Inc.
Lancaster, PA (Job #4508)

"Wexcon was very glad they had HB&T do the work for them; the employees were very professional and efficient and that we (HB&T) should be proud of them; he was pleased with the group of guys that worked on the project."

Hattie L. Payne Natural Resource Specialist, Army
Mercer County, ND (Job #4460)

"The crew was very cooperative and responsive to requests that were made during the process of boring. Amidst challenges that arose during the project the Horizontal crew was pro-active and of the mindset to get the job done in a timely and appropriate manner. Horizontal went to great lengths to be environmentally responsible."